Personal Liability Law and Private Insurance Law

If you get involved and injured in a car accident or if you are victim of a product defect or medical malpractice, you won’t only face personal health issues but also be confronted with a diverse range of legal questions:

  • Who will pay my salary?
  • How long will I get paid daily sickness allowance?
  • Who will pay the bill of the domestic help (household claims)?
  • What happens if I will remain permanent disabled?
  • Which insurance funds which claims?
  • Can I claim damages or/and reparation (compensation for personal suffering)?

It is definitely not easy for laypeople suffering from such a situation oversee the situation and your legal possibilities. We advise and represent victims of car accidents, product defects or medical malpractice regarding their legal claims for damages as well as rents and daily sickness allowance from different insurances (compulsory accident insurance (UV), disability insurance, pension fund, personal liability insurance, private insurance etc.).