Public Notary Services

your public notary in Lucerne

We advise and perform notarial services for you concerning:

  • matrimonial and inheritance law matters (marriage contract or prenuptial agreement [prenup], maximum benefit of the spouse, separation of property, joint property, inheritance contract, inheritance waiver contract, legacies, inventory, etc.)
  • corporate law matters (establishment of limited liability companies, establishment of joint stock companies, establishment of foundations, increase of capital, mergers and transformations of companies, etc.)
  • property law matters (purchase contract for land, donations, co-ownership, condominium ownership, register debt certificate, paper owner's debt certificate, building law, easements, pre-emption rights, purchase and repurchase rights, etc.)
  • Others, such as signature certification, certification of copies, certification of translations, etc.

The fees are based on the Ordinance on Notarization Fees of the Canton of Lucerne: