The annual tax declaration has to be submitted to the tax authorities with information about your worldwide income and assets. As a C-Permit holder or B-Permit holder with an annual income above 120'000.- CHF you are obligated to hand in a tax declaration in switzerland.

Attorney Schenkel assists you with filing your tax declaration. Please find our checklist to hand in your swiss tax declaration online. Furthermore we assist you with taxes related to inheritance (legacy tax) or property transactions (real estate tax).

The most important tax-revenues for the cantons and municipalities clearly are the direct taxes, i.e. primarily the income and wealth taxes of natural persons and the profit and capital taxes of legal persons. The Swiss Confederation also taxes income and profits, but to a lesser extent than the cantons. The tax return involves the declaration of income and assets so that the income and wealth tax can be stated by the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities. However tax issues arise not only in tax returns, but also in many other areas of life. For example during the sale of a property (real estate gains tax, transfer tax, etc.). We advise and represent our clients in all questions of tax law.